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We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information you share with us.

We protect your personal information received in your resume or other employment seeking correspondence. Such information will be shared with our managers who need to be aware of it. We do not share such personal information with third party agencies and organizations unless we are forced to by law including by an order of any court.

We mandate our employees to respect and protect the privacy of your personal information. Our employees who fail to do so and misuse other people's personal information may be subject to disciplinary action.

We use reasonable means to protect your personal information you share with us; however, we are not responsible for misuse of your personal information beyond our reasonable control.

This site may contain links to other web sites. While we may provide links to like-minded sites that share our views and are committed to protecting personal information of their visitors and users, we cannot be held responsible for their content or their information privacy policies and practices.

The usage of this site is also governed by the Terms of Use. Please review that statement also. Send your feedback and suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy to webmaster[at]davarcci.com. Our legal team will be pleased to consider your feedback and suggestions and will reply if necessary.

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